Gala dinner May 7, 2022


💥 A bright point of the Marine Health birthday celebration 💥

Gala dinner ✨

May 7, 2022

at 18:00

✨ Entry from the Gold Manager status

What is waiting for you:

- Professional presenters

- Rich Show program

- Performances of dancers

👑 Dress code: 

for women: evening dress 👗

for men: smoking 👔

💰 Entrance: $50

We hand over the money to sponsors (Directors)

Your life will never be the same again, we promise! You will receive an invaluable charge for a new wave of development! We are waiting for you at the Gala dinner 🥳🥳🥳

📍 Venue: Tashkent, Sarbon Banquet Hall, 374a Buyuk Ipak Yuli str.

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